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PP Woven Bags


S. R. Industry can manufacture about 500 Ton of PP Woven Fabrics & Bags in different sizes (Laminated / unlaminated). It's widely used in Cement, lime, sand, fertilizer, polymer granulate, carbon, flour, caustic soda, sugar, salt, corn, grain, polymer granulate, PVC compound, etc. 

Woven Sacks are the best and the most cost effective packaging solution for many Industries like Cement, Urea & fertilizer, drugs, sugar, Dyes, Chemicals, grains etc.

PP woven Fabrics

  PP woven Fabric  

PP Woven Fabrics

The PP Woven Fabrics available with 2.30 to 5.20 mm tape with 18 to 56 mesh per dm in different colours with and without Lamination.


PP woven bags, Cement bags

  PP woven bags, Urea bags  

PP Woven bag

The PP Woven Bags with/without liner available with width from 17" to 75" and length as per customer requirement, With straight stitched or “H” type stitching/Valved/ Top hemmed/Heat Cut/ Zig Zag etc and with Multi-colour printing (up to 4 cloure) and can make the bag made out from low (550 Denier) to heavy denier (more than 1000) as per buyer requirement. We are regularly exporting our PP Woven bag to Poland, UK, UAE, Kuwait, Ukrain, Russia etc.

We will provide Customer Satisfaction by way of providing Technically Superior Products better suited to the customer’s needs & requirements without increase in costs. 

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 The Product is known as PP Woven Bags, PP Woven Fabrics, Laminaged PP Bags, Cement bags, etc.