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Tablet Salt, HDPE Tarpaulin,
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We have around 25 year experience in Water Softening Salt manufacturing which made with special care so it dissolved perfectly.

The modern Plant of our company is having the capacity to manufacture about 300 Tons Water Softening Salt Per Month and supply to over 200 Industries in so many country like UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Doha, Vietnam, Singapore, UK etc.

Tablet Salt, refined salt, tablet pibbles

Tablet Salt bag

Salt Tablet, refined salt, tablet pibbles

Water Softening Salt is available in 25 Kg LD Heavy gauge bag. Also can pack as per buyer requirement in 10 kg Handle Bag or HDPE woven Bag ( 25 kgs / 50 kgs).

Export Sea Worthy Packing- Palette with strip & cover with Liner & then wrapping. 1 pallet = 1250 Kg. 

Purity : 99.60%
Size: 20mm ( Dia): 8mm Height.
Shape: Round, Salty taste and no smell.

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Refined Salt is use in manufacturing soda ash. It is used widely in Food Industry as well as so many other Industries like Animal feed, pulp and paper, dyes, chemicals, textile, Soap & detergents, and many more.

The Company manufacture about 500 Tonns Refined Salt and sell Directly to end user and exporting to 20 countries like Phillipines, UAE, Kuwait, UK etc. 

Packing: 50 kg HDPE Woven Bag.

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 The Product is known as Water Softening Salt, Tablet Salt, refined salt, tablet pebbles, etc.