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Welcome to SR Industry, your most suitable destination for pinnacle-tier tablet salt solutions. As distinguished salt tablets producers, we take delight in offering a numerous range of high-quality products that cater on your water softening wishes. Whether you are seeking out salt pebbles for water softeners or tablet salt exporters from India, we have you ever covered with our huge product line.

At SR Industry, we understand the significance of water softening in numerous applications. Our water softening salt capsules are crafted with precision and knowledge to make sure most advantageous overall performance and reliability. As a depended-on tablet salt manufacturer in India, we’ve located ourselves as leaders in the enterprise, turning in excellence with every product.

Tablet Salt Manufacturer
Tablet Salt Manufacturer


(Round Shape, Solid, White, Free From Clay, Grit Etc Impurities)

Calcium Ca % Max. 0.03
Magnesium Mg % Max 0.019
Sulphate So4 % Max 0.158
Water Insoluble % Max 0.05
Moisture % Max 0.15
NaCI % Minimum by Mass On Dry Basis 99.58



As one of the leading salt tablets suppliers and exporters, SR Industry has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence. We take pride in our role as salt tablets exporters from India, serving clients globally with premium water softening solutions. Whether you’re in search of a tablet salt manufacturer in India or looking for salt tablets suppliers for your business, SR Industry is your go-to partner.

Water Softening Salt Exporter | Tablet Salt for Water Softener

Our salt tablet for water softeners is made to offer a practical and cost-effective fix for hard water issues. To guarantee that our salt tablets satisfy the highest requirements, we place a premium on quality. For soft and high-quality water, our tablet salt is the best option, whether you’re a residential or business customer.

View our selection of salt pebbles for water softeners, which are expertly made to improve the water softening process. As committed producers of salt pebbles, we promise the efficacy and purity of our offerings. Because of our unwavering dedication to quality, SR Industry is the company of choice for water softening solutions all over the world.

Quality assurance is at the core of our operations. Our water-softening salt tablets undergo rigorous testing to meet and exceed international standards. As softener salt manufacturers, we recognize the importance of providing products that deliver consistent results. When you choose SR Industry, you choose a brand synonymous with quality and reliability.

With years of expertise, SR Industry has established itself as a prominent tablet salt exporter and manufacturer in India. Our global reach extends to clients worldwide, highlighting the trust they place in our products. From tablet salt for water softeners to salt pebbles manufacturers, our comprehensive range caters to diverse requirements, ensuring that we remain a one-stop solution for all water softening needs.

As salt tablets exporters, we prioritize reliability in our services. Timely delivery and customer satisfaction are our commitments. When you partner with SR Industry, you can trust us to meet your demands efficiently and professionally.

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